Triple Section Straight Ladder Supplier QatarTriple Section Straight Ladder Supplier Qatar

Triple Section Straight Aluminum Ladder Supplier Qatar offers a ladder with three single straight ladders that extend and lower. Because of the triple section construction, the ladder may be retracted to a significantly shorter section than a standard double section extension ladder, allowing it to fit inside a van. Ladder levelers can also be installed to allow the ladder to be used securely on uneven terrain. Therefore, the triple section straight aluminum ladder for sale is a worldly variant of the double aluminum ladder. Also, it is a flexible and easily extensible ladder with comfortable square steps. Hence, this ladder has a firm grip and a broad spreader bar to help stop side movements.

It has a firm grip and holds. It is incredibly secure and has a hook tightening system that allows for safe and simple climbing. The price of an aluminum self-supporting extension ladder determines by its size and your specifications. It can support weights of up to 100-150 kg. It has a maximum height of 13 feet and a maximum length of 55 feet. This ladder is ideal for maintenance, cleaning tall structures, tree cutting, painting, and a variety of other tasks.


  • Square-shaped rungs that are large and pleasant
  • Anti-slip sole
  • Ladder of the extendable type
  • Suitable for use by a single person
  • Rigid aluminum locking hook glides easily through rope and pulley.
  • Working load that is safe 150Kgs

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ARESScaffolding Qatar, a scaffolding supplier and manufacturer company in Qatar provides incredible features in this ladder. Also, use it as a free-standing combination ladder. It also includes an anti-slip foot and an aluminum locking hook that effortlessly moves in the pulley and rope. We deliver our ladders on rent in Qatar, Doha, Al Wakrah, Al Rayyan, Al Khor, Mesaieed, and Dukhan.