Safety GuidanceSAFTY GUIDANCE 1

ARESScaffolding Qatar is a well-known scaffolding manufacturer and supplier in Qatar that offers a large choice of portable scaffold towers, ladders. Also, other products at reasonable prices. We promise high-quality items backed by a three-month manufacturer’s warranty. Safety Guidance focuses on Scaffolding products to inspect by someone who is qualified. Also, complete a validated training course. There is a proper erection and inspection to ensure the tower’s resistance and that no use of faulty equipment.


SAFTY GUIDANCEAdvice on Safety-

  1. Aluminum Scaffolding Tower: The tower’s resistance-

The use and set Aluminum Scaffolding towers only on suitable ground, typically with a surface of cement or a similar material. When building an Aluminum Scaffolding Tower on soft, rough, or sloping terrain, set it on boards or another stiff packing to provide a sturdy base.

  1. Aluminum Scaffolding Tower: Never Work With Damaged Equipment-

Aluminum Scaffolding Tower on the interior by using the ladder boards within the frame and gaining access to the platform through the spring door platform. Never again surmount a skyscraper from the outside. When relocating a portable tower, use the leg alignment to re-equalize it. And unlock every castor again. When you use the flexible outriggers, check their sound stability after each movement.

  1. Stabilizers or outriggers-

Outriggers or stabilizers increase the productive base dimensions of the Aluminum Scaffolding Tower and should always be installed when higher Aluminum Scaffolding Tower is required. These are normally delivered as soon as the initial lift is completed.

  1. Binding-

Attain Binding-in with acceptable aluminum tubes and couplers, but sought the suppliers’ information beforehand. Binding in an Aluminum Scaffolding Tower of all lengths is an excellent workout to do whenever possible. Especially when left neglected or in exposed and gusty settings.

ARESScaffolding Qatar manufactures every component of aluminum scaffolding for sale in Qatar, ensuring that all scaffoldings are safe. We produce and provide a wide range of scaffolding on rent and ladders. Our goal is to supply our consumers situated in Doha, Al Wakrah, Al Rayyan, Al Khor, Mesaieed, Dukhan with the safest products possible.